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In our three-semester, Master's degree program of Enterprise and IT Security you will gain knowledge in IT security and organizational enterprise security. More and more companies and authorities lack experts in the area of enterprise and IT security, who need to be familiar with often highly complex processes and provide well-founded security solutions. In the course of the program you will both gain thorough practical experience and improve your scientific-academic skills. Besides the purely technical aspects of protecting IT systems, the organizational and legal framework conditions receive more focused attention as well. You will discuss relevant current security questions in small groups and directly apply and evaluate them in the lab. Graduates of the Enterprise and IT Security Master's degree program are among the most sought-after specialists in IT. What is more, in the foreseeable future the demand for experts in this field is expected to exceed the supply many times over.


Technical IT Security

The Technical IT Security part of the program addresses areas such as software security, mobile security, applied cryptanalysis, data mining, and security aspects for ubiquitous systems. You will learn about specific procedures of modern cryptanalysis and selected anonymization technologies. Moreover, you will acquire expertise in system security and the vulnerability of actual mobile devices, and become able to assess the security level of a given architecture. For hackers or pentesters the breaking of given cryptographic building blocks is gaining in importance, thus when designing secure IT systems it is it is of tantamount importance to be familiar with such approaches as well. In an advanced practical project you will also work in a team and apply your theoretical knowledge in a professional setting, based on current research.


Organizational Enterprise Security

In Organizational Enterprise Security you will deal with current issues of international and national risk and security as well as applied problems of compliance and economic ethics. Furthermore, you will acquire knowledge and skills in quantitative methods of enterprise, risk, and security management. You will also work with analysis software and optimization and simulation models.


Ethics and Law

The Ethics and Law part of the program will enable you to understand, analyze and assess current ethical problems related to information technology. You will learn to make informed decisions, and be able to debate and defend your positions. You will understand the relevant laws and regulations and evaluate their consequences for enterprises, including the legal means to review the security of their IT systems.

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